By Author

Book reviews listed from A-Z by author surname:

Bardugo, Leigh
– Shadow and Bone

Barker, Clive
– Mister B. Gone
– Weaveworld

Bradbury, Ray
Fahrenheit 451

Camus, Albert
– The Outsider

Carey, M. R.
– The Girl With All The Gifts

Christopher, John (AKA Sam Youd)
– The Death of Grass

Cobley, Michael
– Seeds of Earth (Book 1 of the Humanity’s Fire trilogy)

Collins, Suzanne
 The Hunger Games
– Catching Fire
– Mockingjay

Ford, Hilary (AKA Sam Youd)
– Sarnia

Hawking, Stephen
– Black Holes: The BBC Reith Lectures

Mitchell, David
– Cloud Atlas

Norfolk, Lawrence
– John Saturnall’s Feast

North, Claire
– The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Orwell, George
– Down and Out in Paris and London
– Feature: Orwell, Johnson, Clegg and Blair (Politics and the English Language by George Orwell)

Pratchett, Terry
– Mort

Priest, Christopher
– The Adjacent

Roassabi, Morris eds. & Polo, Marco
– Feature: The Travels of Marco Polo aka The Most Beautiful Book in the World

Rose-Innes, Henrietta

Shriver, Lionel
The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047

Stephenson, Neal
– Anathem

Stewart, Paul & Riddell, Chris
– Stormchaser

Stott, Rebecca
– The Coral Thief

Thompson Walker, Karen
– The Age of Miracles

Tremain, Rose
– Restoration

Youd, Sam (AKA Hilary Ford and John Christopher)
– The Death of Grass
– Sarnia

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