BookMachine | The March Wrap

It's the time of the month where I round up all the internet's top publishing stories and stick them in one place on the BookMachine blog for your perusal! Here's a sneak peek - don't forget to visit the BookMachine blog for more... The big news from March in UK publishing is obviously the London [...]

BookMachine | A tax on the precariat: what the 2017 budget means for the self-employed in publishing

When BookMachine asked for an opinion, I couldn't not comment. Read the full article here, or grab the snippet below: Outrage abounds in the wake of Philip Hammond’s 2017 Budget announcement on Wednesday. Amongst other controversial moves, National Insurance (NI) payments on the self-employed have been increased by 2%. But what effect will this raise [...]

Launch of SNAPSHOTS II from Bookmachine & Kingston Publishing MA

On Wednesday night, I attended this launch of Snapshots II, a collaborative book produced by BookMachine and Kingston University Press. Each year, the Kingston Publishing MA students get together and hand pick their favourite articles from the BookMachine blog and curate them into one beautiful, publishing-nerd-friendly blook.* Very excitingly, the 2015 blook featured, not one, [...]

BookMachine | Climbing out of the Buzzword Trap

Another fortnight, another Bookmachine article: and this time it's all about the Buzzword Trap.  You could be trapped without realising it...  As ever, read more over on the Bookmachine blog. Last year, it was all about ‘disruption’, this year it’s all about ‘pivoting’. Buzzwords are a given part of any industry, but when do they [...]

BookMachine | Corporate Social Responsibility: Not just for hippies

Here's the latest instalment from my fortnightly column over on Bookmachine.  To read the rest of the article, visit the Bookmachine blog! Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an increasingly important part of corporate identities during the last decade. Environmental and social concerns have become core, not just to forerunners such as The Body Shop and Timberland, but [...]