When it comes to reviews, of course I would like to be able to read everything. Unfortunately, I’m only human and there’s no way I can do that, so I have had to come up with a review policy. Only 3 rules:

1.  I only post reviews of books I like. Because good books deserve more media attention. Email me for the full rant. If I don’t get on with a book that you’ve sent me, I will let you know so you’re not hanging out for a review that never arrives.

2.  While I appreciate that the self-publishing world is difficult and I do sometimes review self-published books, I no longer review anything which has not been looked at by a professional editor.

3.  I will consider any book for review, but my genres of choice are: literary fiction, international literature and fiction in translation, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction and nonfiction (physics, space, technology, geology, the environment and lefty politics in particular). I also consider backlist books. Every book is a new book to someone. 

Please don’t be scared off by these rules, I love getting review requests! Get in touch with an elevator pitch, two-sentence author bio, details of the publisher (if applicable) and link to an author website/previous work. Thank you!