1. Wow! Glad to hear you’re having an amazing time out there.
    I imagine that it will be even more awesome when you’re over the jet lag.

    I’m a little confused, I thought you were going to Australia first…

  2. I second Ben on the confusion front! I guess that’s spontaneity for you. Sounds fantastic out there, it must be amazing to have the whole world out in front of you to explore! You must be loving it. 🙂 Reading your entry made me think for a moment I was there also! (rather than in my London cupboard….doing calculus!)
    Thinking of you,

  3. Jazz-a-mung! Really enjoying reading your journal – I look forward to sitting down to it every week. It’s gaining a lot of momentum actually – I told you you’re becoming a celebrity!

    I’m about to check out Jocelyn’s band. Awesome.

    Hope you continue having a great time! Travel safely and go wild!

    Loads of love from Serene Moon-Lady x x x

  4. Hey Jas! Sound like you’re having an amazing time. Where else is on the schedule? Are you going to Fiji at all? If so come and visit me! I’m hoping to go there for 6 months to build a school form late Jan. Also how do you set up this lot? I really want one! xxxxx

  5. Hi Jazz, Bitterly cold here, Happy New year!!
    Very interesting what you say about aboriginal art – I’m truly fascinated by it and by dreamtime- would like to find out more.
    Sounds like you’re having the time of your life!!! Wish I was there with you – but loving reading all about it. Loads of love and great appreciation for you sharing your journal.
    Karunachitta XX

  6. Congrats! I’m starting my MSc in Social Psychology in 2 weeks at the UEA. Like you, I’m so grateful and so excited for this opportunity! Best of luck

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