This is a collection of the poetry I’ve posted to this blog.  I don’t often write poems, but when I do I like to get a bit experimental, so there’s a small section at the end for the infamous Backwards-Forwards poems.

5/3/14 – Omphalos or The Navel Stone

19/1/14 – The Travelling Heart-Thieves

27/9/13 – Just Your Style II

24/9/13 – Gutless

6/7/13 – Monks in the Water

29/3/13 – Just Your Style I

11/2/13 – Sun Spots I

10/2/13 – Hope

21/12/12 – The Mourning Houses: A Ballad of our Times

The Backwards-Forwards Poems

The Backwards-Forwards poems are poems which tell two different stories depending on whether the lines are read backwards or forwards.  They are designed to be posted to Twitter, so that the first story is told as they appear in your feed, and the second story is told when you read them back scrolling down someone’s wall.  The rules are that the lines must stay in the same order and the words on those lines too, but that the punctuation can move around.

14/4/13 – Tale of the Celestial Cloaks

7/4/13 – Shadow Queen (The first backwards-forwards experiment)

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