Unreal, uncertain, unqualified poetry

Poetry interests me in a number of ways. First and foremost, it’s always been an emotional outlet for me, which I only started sharing in Spring 2018.

But my poetry also increasingly overlaps with my ecocritical research: for me, poetry is an ideal mode through which to express ecoanxiety and solastalgia. I am particularly drawn to the forms of haiku and haibun, which allow me to explore the intersections between mindfulness and the natural world: only by taking the time to observe and ingest my environment can I begin to unpack my complex and often repressed relationship to it.

I am also interested in sharing the ideas and experiences ecocritical poetry offers with other people: I’ve had several publications, worked with Wagamama to create an engaging haiku competition space, am listed on the Haiku Foundation Registry, and am a member of the fabulous British Haiku Society (which I really recommend to any other haiku enthusiasts!) So, if you’d like to chat about readings, workshops or running competitions, please do get in touch.


Single haiku | Temple: British Haiku Society Anthology, 2021 (forthcoming)

Single Haiku | Presence #67, September 2020

Runner up in the Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar 2021 Competition | April 2020

Shortlisted for the Museum of Haiku Literature Award 2019 | December 2019

Single haiku | Blithe Spirit 29.3, August 2019

Single haiku | Frogpond 41.3, January 2019

Two haiku | Blithe Spirit, December 2018

Single haiku | Wild: British Haiku Society Anthology, November 2018

Three haiku | Blithe Spirit, August 2018