Unreal, uncertain, unqualified haiku and micropoetry

Having written haiku and micropoetry for a couple of years, I started to share them in Spring 2018 on social media, publishing under the name @Haikurkbride. Since then, I’ve had a couple of publications, worked with Wagamama to create an engaging haiku competition space, and become a member of the fabulous British Haiku Society, which I really recommend to any other budding haiku enthusiasts.

If you’d like to read more of my work, I post regularly on Instagram and Twitter as @Haikurkbride – come and join me there! If you’d like to chat about readings, workshops or running competitions, please do get in touch.


Single haiku | Blithe Spirit 29.3, UPCOMING August 2019

Single haiku | Frogpond 41.3, January 2019

Two haiku | Blithe Spirit, December 2018

Single haiku | Wild: British Haiku Society Anthology, November 2018

Three haiku | Blithe Spirit, August 2018