Officially Dr Kirkbride…!

I am amazed and delighted and over the moon to say this little human here passed her viva on Wednesday! I am now apparently and officially Dr Jasmin Kirkbride.

Huge, huge thanks to my wonderful examiners Dr Rebecca Tillett from UEA and Dr Ben Smith from Exeter for reading my thesis, having such wonderful insights about my research, and generally giving me such a lovely viva experience.

Thanks too to my long-suffering and ever-supportive supervisors, Prof Andrew Cowan, Dr Nathan Ashman, and Dr Nonia Williams – you are absolute heroes, where would I be without you?!

Finally, thanks to all my friends and family who’ve supported me on this journey and put up with me being absolute stress ball for most of the last four years. I am so, so grateful for your patience and love.

‘Rail-Song’ published on New Writing

So happy my short story ‘Rail-Song’ has found a lovely home at New Writing, the wonderful online literary magazine of UEA’s School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing and UEA Publishing Project.

The story follows ex-musician Zoë, whose monotonous relationship sends her seeking solace in the abrasive but alluring song of her commuter trains…

You can read it for free right here – happy reading folks! Xx

…Submitted my PhD thesis!

Late yesterday afternoon, I handed in my PhD thesis! She is so chubby and I love her so much – and I am so happy and relieved that this stage in my PhD journey is complete. I am going to go and sleep now for the entire summer.

So hugely grateful to my supervisors Andrew Cowan and Nathan Ashman for holding this project for the past (nearly) four years – you are my heroes and UEA’s School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing has been an amazing home! ❤️

Now, nobody aggravate the Viva Gods until after September!!

‘Twisting Point’ published and FREE to read

The first year of my post as Researcher-in-Residence for the The British Haiku Society has come to a close with the publication of ‘Twisting point: the evolution of haiku in the climate crisis’. You can read it free right here:

Totally stoked for year two of this project, an anthology of climate haiku – watch this space for submission deets in the coming months…!

Join ASLE-UKI’s ECR Publishing Workshop in Green Listening Ep.3

Are you a PGR or ECR working in Environmental Humanities and thinking about publication?

Then tune in to Ep.3 of ASLE-UKI’s podcast, Green Listening, in which I chair a Publishing Workshop with experts Alex Campbell (University of Glasgow), John Miller (The University of Sheffield) and Richard Kerridge (Bath Spa University). It’s a great listen, as evidence by festive-themed giant-headphone selfie! Check it out here:

This is my last post before logging off for the winter break – happy festive season everybody and see you in the New Year! 🎄❤️

Review of ‘Science Fiction and Climate Change’ in Green Letters

New issue of Green Letters, journal of ALSE-UKI, landed on my doorstep over the weekend – most excited to have a lil book review of one of my go-to thesis references, ‘Science Fiction and Climate Change: A Sociological Approach’ by Andrew Milner and J. R. Burgmann (Liverpool University Press:2020).

Also presents a good moment to remind everyone that TONIGHT is the FREE ONLINE Asle Uki Seminar on Geopoetics with Craig Santos Perez (University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa), Oliver Dawson (University of Bristol), and Johannes Riquet (Tampere University). Together with me as chair, we’ll be exploring: What does a poetics which places the planet Earth at the centre of experience look and feel like? Register here.

Ep.2 of Green Listening lands!

Episode 2 of ASLE-UKI’s podcast ‘Green Listening: Discussions in Ecocriticism’ is here! University College Dublin hosts ‘Speculative Environments andProspective Anthropocenes’ featuring Sarah Bezan, Ailise Bulfin, Paula McGrath and Sam Solnick.

The Anthropocene – an epoch of unparalleled climate change, habitat destruction, and species loss – offers an opportunity to think about the role of storytelling, performance, and modes of representation that respond to environmental conditions. This project, ‘Prospective Anthropocenes and Speculative Environments’ explores creative modes of representation that engage with problems of nature trauma (Paula McGrath), species loss (Sarah Bezan), climate change (Ailise Bulfin), and energy futures (Sam Solnick).

Hosted at the University College Dublin, this project will take the format of a roundtable composed of two tête à têtes (or one on one conversations) between a total of four scholars from Ireland and the UK. Paula McGrath (UCD) and Sam Solnick (Liverpool) will conduct a one on one conversation about theatre, performance, and creative writing; Sarah Bezan (York) and Ailise Bulfin (UCD) will discuss species loss and climate change.

Paper at ASLE-UKI Conference 2022

It will shock no one that I got overexcited giving a paper at the ASLE-UKI 2022 Conference this week!

What a fab time it was too! It was the first in-person conference of my PhD cause of COVID & it was everything I could wish for. I left feeling so integrated with a fab eco-literature research community & made more friends than I can count!

Some of my highlights include:
💚 Meeting the Committee F2F for the first time since joining as PGR/ECR Rep last year.
💚 Being on a panel with Jonathan Thornton (Liverpool University), Ingmar Haag (Stockholm University) and David Shackleton (Cardiff University). I explored chronological anonymity and hopeful longevity in dystopian climate fiction. Photographic evidence from Lucy Nield!
💚 Excursion to Tynemouth Abbey including paddling in the sea, which was deliciously cold and full of delightful seaweed and creatures. Thanks so much for organising Rosie Paice!
💚 And of course seemingly infinite inspiring ideas and insights. Jumping from my many notes: ‘the garden hums with the past… meet vegetal creatures on their own turf… art is an anti-entropic response…’ I could’ve listened to everyone for months!

HUGE thanks to the organising committee – particularly Brycchan Carey – for a magic few days, and to generous hosts Northumbria University. Already can’t wait for the 2023 conference at Liverpool University!

ASLE-UKI Biennial Conference

ASLE UKI is having their Biennial Conference this weekend and next week – here’s the details…

Saturday 3 September ONLINE & FREE
9am–6pm BST
This free, online conference day is open to all, just register in advance via Eventbrite! The cracking lineup includes panels on enviornmental and literary themes, a publishing workshop and much more! It’s been a pleasure co-organising this conference with fellow ASLE-UKI PGR and ECR Reps Sofie Schrey, Dr Vera Fibisan and Demi Wilton.

6–8 September Northumbria University
Northumbria University is hosting the 2022 Biennial Conference of ASLE UKI in person! There will be dinners, events, excursions and the usual incredible collection of papers and panels, including keynote speakers Elizabeth-Jane Burnett (Northumbria University) and Samantha Walton (Bath Spa University). I’m even giving a lil paper myself!

More info right here. Hope to see you there! x

Lecturer in Publishing at City, University of London

I’m completely over the moon to say I’ll be starting as Lecturer in Publishing at City, University of London this September. I feel immensely lucky and excited to be joining the fantastic team at City, and am looking forward to engaging with the future of publishing, creative writing, and literature though teaching and research. Huge, huge thanks to City for inviting me on board!

Meanwhile, I’m entering the final year of my PhD at UEA and continue digging away in my research burrow investigating hope in climate fiction.

Hope you’re all staying safe and cool in this heatwave, and that your garden are surviving through deep-roots and assiduous water re-use!

Creative Writing graduation at last!

I finally graduated from my MA in Creative Writing (2019) at he University of East Anglia (UEA). This graduation was delayed by a couple of years because of the pandemic and it meant a huge amount to be able to put on my robes and hat and celebrate with my family. For me, the ceremony was about the achievement of completing the MA but also persevering through tough times – academically and with the pandemic!

It’s a durability that’ll be needed in the coming years too, I think: the ceremony took place on that 40 degree day – thank goodness in the morning when it was still a little cool – but a sign that there are uncertain days ahead. This was a lovely reminder that even within strange times, we can still celebrate and find joy. Thanks to the Department of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing for being – and continuing to be – a fab academic home!

New ASLE-UKI Podcast ‘Green Listening’ Lands

Eco-minded friends, wrap your ears around this…

I’m delighted to announce the launch of Green Listening, a new ecocriticism podcast for ASLE-UKI, co-hosted by our PGR/ECR Rep team – Dr Vera Fibisan (who’s spear-headed our first episode), Demi Wilton and myself!

Episode 1 features Dr John Miller from the University of Sheffield and is available FREE here.

We’ll be releasing more episodes in the autumn – watch this space…!

“Culture v. Commerce in the UK Publishing Industry” online roundtable

On 17th May at 10.30am BST online, I’m delighted to be part of a roundtable at Münster University called “Culture v. Commerce in the UK Publishing Industry”.

Fellow panellists Cat Mitchell, Dr Audrey Laing and myself will give three 15-minute presentations on the tensions within the UK publishing field that have arisen due to the conflict between commerce and culture in 21st-century book publishing. Our presentations will be followed by a discussion and Q&A, chaired by Chiara Bullen.

The event is FREE and open to all, register here. For more info, click here. Hope to see you there!

Co-organising ASLE-UKI Seminar on Environmental Displacement

I’m delighted to be co-organising the ASLE-UKI Seminar on Environmental Displacement, part of the ASLE-UKI Seminar Series.

Date and Time: 17 March 2022, 5.30 pm
How to Take Part: Register FREE via Eventbrite

Speakers: Jos Smith (University of East Anglia), Charne Lavery (University of Pretoria and the Oceanic Humanities for the Global South project based at WISER, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa), Giovanni Bettini (Lancaster University)

What does displacement mean in our warming world? Placing three researchers from the environmental humanities in conversation with one another, this seminar will explore cross-disciplinary approaches to conceptualizing Anthropocenic mobility. How is both human and non-human movement understood in the context of climate change? How do literary and cultural artefacts anticipate displacement? What is the relationship between land and sea in underrepresented areas such as the Global South? Join us 17 March 2022, 17:30 GMT, for a free online ASLE-UKI seminar exploring ‘Environmental Displacement’.

Convenors: ASLE-UKI Postgraduate and Early-career Representatives (Demi Wilton, Jasmin Kirkbride, Vera Fibisan)

You can find more info about the ASLE seminar series here.

Review of ‘Science Fiction and Climate Change’ in ‘Green Letters’

In all honesty, this review could just have been ‘I freaking loved this book’. But I loved it too much not to go into detail. It’s very much in my research wheelhouse and eloquently said a lot of really on point things.

You can read my review of ‘Science Fiction and Climate Change: A Sociological Approach’ by Andrew Milner and JR Burgmann in the journal Green Letters.

TEMPLE: Haiku in BHS Anthology 2021

I’m delighted to have a haiku in ‘Temple: The British Haiku Society Anthology 2021’. This annual anthology is a wonderful read and it’s always such a treat to get through the post, what a pleasure to be published amongst so many fellow haiku enthusiasts. Many thanks to the whole British Haiku Society team and especially the editor Iliyana Stoyanova!