Represented by Sandra Sawicka at Marjacq


On the Last Rebellion | Open Pen, 2018

Proscenium | Fictive Dream, 2018

The Cloud Loom | Fairlight Books, 2017

The Locust Theorem | Fairlight Books, 2017

Born – Breathing – Bound | The Cadaverine, February 2017

Desk Drawer in The Open Pen Anthology | Open Pen, March 2016

Seven Stages | The Short Story (TSS), 2016
Winner of The Short Story Monthly 500 Competition, January 2016
Shortlisted for the Kilburn Literary Festival Flash Fiction Competition 2015

Until Then, Sister  | Haverthorn Magazine, Vol. 1.2, 2015
Won third place in the Kilburn Literary Festival Flash Fiction Competition 2014

Dear Versailles | Hark Magazine, Issue 3, November 2014

The Yellow Moth | Open Pen, Vol 11, April 2014


Uncertain, unqualified, unreal poetry every day
on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as @Haikurkbride.

Three Haiku | Blithe Spirit 28.3, upcoming August 2018


Don’t Panic | Summersdale, 2017

Article in Snapshots IV: BookMachine on New Notes on the Publishing Industry | KUP, 2017

Boost: Supercharge Your Confidence | Summersdale, 2017
French translation: Boost – Faites décoller votre confiance en vous (DUNOD, 2018)

Articles in Snapshots III: Bookmachine on Publishing, The Next 5 YearsKUP, 2016

Believe in Yourself  | Summersdale, 2016
Albanian translation: Besoni në veten tuaj (Minerva, 2017)
Dutch translation: How to Feel Good (Lantaarn, 2018)

Stress Less | Summersdale, 2016
Dutch translation: How to Destress (Lantaarn, 2017)
Albanian translation: Më Pak Stres (Minerva, 2017)

Articles in Snapshots II: BookMachine on Consumer Relationships, Marketing and New Publishing Models | KUP, 2016

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