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Not Every Train in Story Cities Anthology | Arachne Press, June 2019
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On the Last Rebellion | Open Pen, 2018
“We do not talk about our invaders – we still cannot process it – but if you dream in the dark, in our last stone halls, you will wake to find a friend’s arms around you.”

Proscenium | Fictive Dream, 2018
“When that cacophony of grief was done there came a true silence. A desolate and absolute silence. The kind that comes after people have stopped grieving because there is no one left to be the mourner. A quiet world, and still, without the clutch of mortality or the wounds of the left-behind.”

The Cloud Loom | Fairlight Books, 2017
“Sudhev still treads with the timid steps of an apprentice. He remembers being human too closely, while the King remembers barely at all. He has been up here so long he enjoys the vertigo-giddiness of fifteen thousand leagues beneath his feet…”

The Locust Theorem | Fairlight Books, 2017
“Her arms reached out, she bent her legs, and she jumped. Straight into the sky.”

Born – Breathing – Bound | The Cadaverine, 2017
The Cadaverine site is currently down, I’ll let you know when you can read this story again ASAP!
“We all have books, right from the start. Sometimes they’re just too small to see.”

Desk Drawer in The Open Pen Anthology | Open Pen, 2016
“Convinced there is a ghost in my desk drawer, Claire has stopped coming into my study.”

Seven Stages | The Short Story (TSS), 2016
Winner of The Short Story Monthly 500 Competition, January 2016
Shortlisted for the Kilburn Literary Festival Flash Fiction Competition 2015
“My reflection held firm against my body as I passed between worlds, twins in a two-dimensional embrace with myself.”

Until Then, Sister  | Haverthorn Magazine, Vol. 1.2, 2015
Won third place in the Kilburn Literary Festival Flash Fiction Competition 2014
“We lifted you from your dank bed and exposed you to the light, wrapped in white muslin as if you were getting married again.”

Dear Versailles | Hark Magazine, Issue 3, 2014
“There was something in a half-raised hand, a flicker of eye-light, which made me think of you. As if the veil of arguments had been lifted briefly over and left a taste, bittersweet, like a life not taken.”

The Yellow Moth | Open Pen, Vol 11, 2014
“The world was coming undone at the seams and there was nothing she could do: if the moth was too small for medicine, the earth was too large.”