‘Book review – Science Fiction and Climate Change: A Sociological Approach’ in Green Letters | February 2022

‘Book review – Narrating the Mesh: Form and Story in the Anthropocene’ in Green Letters | November 2021

‘Book review – Fragments from the history of loss: the nature industry and the post colony’ in Green Letters Vol.25.1 | February 2021

‘The Burning Core: Using Heraclitus’ concept of an arche of fire to examine humanity’s connection with nature in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road’ in The Cormac McCarthy Journal Vol.18.2 | October 2020


‘Cohesive Plurality: Exploring the relationship between resonance and the act of writing – Part 1: The Writer’s Internal Choir’ in LOGOS Vol.31.2 | September 2020
‘Part 2: The Composer’ is a short story simultaneously published by Fairlight Books (see fiction)


‘Understanding our place: Publishing’s role in the reading ecosystem under neoliberal economics’ in Contemporary Publishing and the Culture of Books: 1st Edition eds. Alison Baverstock, Richard Bradford, Madelena Gonzalez | Routledge, 2020

‘How reader analytics are influencing the industry’ in Snapshots IV: BookMachine on New Notes on the Publishing Industry | KUP, 2017

‘Malleable models: The real effects of the digital revolution on business’, ‘Build or borrow: Making the most of digital distribution platforms’ and ‘It’s not you, it’s me: Is it time to divorce the returns system?’ in Snapshots III: Bookmachine on Publishing, The Next 5 Years | KUP, 2016

‘The future of Twitter: Panic stations?’ and ‘Faking it: When book reviews go bad’ in Snapshots II: BookMachine on Consumer Relationships, Marketing and New Publishing Models | KUP, 2016

ON GARDENING and climate change

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Chapters from Pond Tales have also featured elsewhere:
‘Lost landscapes and the grief of nature’s tessellations’ (Writers Rebel, Nov 2021)


Don’t Panic | Summersdale, 2017
Also available in the Australia, the USA and Canada

Boost: Supercharge Your Confidence | Summersdale, 2017
French translation: Boost – Faites décoller votre confiance en vous (DUNOD, 2018)
Dutch translation: How to Feel Good (Lantaarn, 2018)
Arabic translation: اشحن ثقتك لأعلى مستوى لـ and my author name: جاسمين كيركبرايد (Jarir Bookstore, 2020)
Also available in the Australia, the USA and Canada

Believe in Yourself  | Summersdale, 2016
Albanian translation: Besoni në veten tuaj (Minerva, 2017)
Slovenian translation: Verjemi Vase (Mladinska knjiga, 2019)
Also available in the Australia, the USA and Canada

Stress Less | Summersdale, 2016
Dutch translation: How to Destress (Lantaarn, 2017)
Albanian translation: Më Pak Stres (Minerva, 2017)
Slovenian translation: Brez Stresa (Mladinska knjiga, upcoming 2021)
Also available in the Australia, the USA and Canada