‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ by M. R. Carey

Zombie fiction has become almost unfashionably in vogue this year, but The Girl With All The Gifts changes that, breaking every cliche. It's got the pseudo-scientific theory and political commentary of World War Z, and is as unputdownable as Sci-Fi blockbuster book of the year, The Martian. Protagonist, little girl Melanie, is a very special child. Kept in a compound

‘Mister B. Gone’ by Clive Barker

Spoiler alert: This review contains massive plot spoilers about Mister B. Gone. For some years, I was under the false impression that Clive Barker wrote exclusively in the fantasy genre, and had no idea he wrote horror at all. However, when I was a teenager, I discovered his huge collection of horror works and, while horror is