BookMachine | A 3-step beginner’s guide to building skills in the workplace

BookMachine_logoBuilding skills in the workplace can be a bit of a minefield – but it doesn’t have to be, and arguably, shouldn’t be. Find out more in this fortnight’s BookMachine article.

Back in the day where a ‘job-for-life’ attitude ruled the workplace, developing skills was a less urgent need than it is today. In a fast-paced world where many young people are encouraged to move between jobs every couple of years, having a solid foundation of skills is crucial to your CV. Yet, it can be tricky to know how to find training courses and funding to build these skills in the first place.

Identifying your skills gap

A good place to start identifying gaps in your skills is to look at the job you’re doing and look honestly at the areas that you find difficult. It could be proofreading, contract writing, or even team management – the likelihood is that if you’re struggling with it, there’ll be a course out there to fix it.

If you’re happy with your current tasks but are looking for a promotion, it can also be helpful to look at the skills that people possess in the position you want. Make sure you check out what you need to have under your belt to qualify for the position. [READ MORE]

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