BookBrunch | A Duo of Discussions

Once again, I’ve been remiss on BookBrunch interview updates, so here are a couple for your perusal…

Republic of Consciousness Prize founder Neil Griffiths.png“About a year ago, I noticed that some of the best writing in the world – and certainly in this country – is being published by small presses. If I felt I was fairly engaged and involved with the British literary world, and this stuff hadn’t reached my radar, that’s not a failure on my part, or the presses, but the bit in between, the media. It made me realise that I had to do something.”

Costa-shortlisted novelist Neil Griffiths on his latest endeavour: the Republic of Consciousness Prize for small independent publishers. Read the full article here.

Hazel & Julian, Village Books“My favourite bit is putting a book into somebody’s hand and knowing that they want it before they do. You can send someone on holiday with a book and say, ‘If you don’t like it, come back and throw it at me,’ because you know they’re going to like it. You get to know the customer.”

Hazel Broadfoot and Julian Toland of Village Books in Dulwich discuss the last 20 years in bookselling. Read the full article here.


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