Big BookBrunch interviews update!

It’s been a super busy few weeks, but here’s a big update on all the BookBrunch interviews I’ve been doing…

Jeremy Trevathan, publisher at Pan Macmillan
“At its heart, publishing will still just be about books, people reading and the emotional relationship between the reader, the page and the author.”

Anna Jane Hughes from The Pigeonhole
“I would be so sad to see publishers go, because they do such incredible things and I think that the way that a book is supported and cultivated is wonderful. I’ve seen books flourish because someone has shown the author tiny gaps where it doesn’t work, or a marketing team showing the reader how good a book can be. It would be devastating to see that fall.”

George Burgess, founder of Gojimo
“Everyone these days talks about personalised and adaptive learning – the idea that software based on you performance can guide you to the relevant resources – and that’s all based on big data. Data is the key to all of these enhancements that we will see in the future.”

As always, you’ll need a BookBrunch subscription to read the full interviews, so if you don’t have one yet, maybe it’s time to consider it!

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