Suspirium Viridae published in Ash Tales

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having wonderful summers (or winters in the southern hemisphere!)

I just got back from my own summer holidays, to find that the fabulous folks at Ash Tales have published my flash fiction story Suspirium Viridae on their site! You can read it for free, online, right now, RIGHT HERE!

This is a melancholy story all about teenagehood, pandemic, apocalypse, anxiety, depression and breathing deep… and best of all, it will only take you five minutes to read.

It means a lot to me as a story, and I’m so grateful to Ryan at Ash Tales for taking the time to read and publish it. Ash Tales is an awesome publication, and I thoroughly recommend checking out the other stories on their site as well as their beautifully narrated podcast series.

Big love to you all – and don’t forget to breathe deep! x

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