‘Cohesive Plurality’ published by LOGOS and Fairlight Books

This news is a little publishing nerd moment for me: basically I love creative-critical writing. So, this piece is actually a two-part creative-critical piece – a story, and an essay, which have a symbiotic relationship.

In an awesome publishing collaboration, the essay half has been published in vol.31.2 of the journal LOGOS – while the story half has been published by the marvellous folks at Fairlight Books.

The whole piece is called ‘Cohesive Plurality: Exploring the relationship between resonance and the act of writing’.

‘Part 1: The Writer’s Internal Choir’ is accessible via an institutional login or subscription to the LOGOS journal, here.

And ‘Part 2: The Composer’ is free to read on the Fairlight Books website, right here.

Huge thanks to the editorial teams at LOGOS and Fairlight Books for first of all liking my work, and second of all liking this co-publication idea – it’s been really fun to work together!

Happy reading everyone x

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