‘The Burning Core’ published in The Cormac McCarthy Journal

I am just utterly delighted to say that my latest paper, ‘The Burning Core: Using Heraclitus’ concept of an arche of fire to examine humanity’s connection with nature in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road‘ has been published in The Cormac McCarthy Journal Vol.18.2. You can access my article directly here, and the full issue here.

This publication means an extraordinary amount to me: The Road was one of those seminal works of literature I came across as a teenager and I’ve read it cover to cover countless times. The binding is going on my copy, and it’s a real joy to finally have been able to express so much about why I love this book.

Thanks in particular to Stacey Peebles the journal’s editor, and the two mysterious peer reviewers who agreed this piece should be published – you’ve all reflected so much of my passion for the novel back to me and made the publication process easy and joyous.

Happy reading everyone! x

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