Ep.2 of Green Listening lands!

Episode 2 of ASLE-UKI’s podcast ‘Green Listening: Discussions in Ecocriticism’ is here! University College Dublin hosts ‘Speculative Environments andProspective Anthropocenes’ featuring Sarah Bezan, Ailise Bulfin, Paula McGrath and Sam Solnick.

The Anthropocene – an epoch of unparalleled climate change, habitat destruction, and species loss – offers an opportunity to think about the role of storytelling, performance, and modes of representation that respond to environmental conditions. This project, ‘Prospective Anthropocenes and Speculative Environments’ explores creative modes of representation that engage with problems of nature trauma (Paula McGrath), species loss (Sarah Bezan), climate change (Ailise Bulfin), and energy futures (Sam Solnick).

Hosted at the University College Dublin, this project will take the format of a roundtable composed of two tête à têtes (or one on one conversations) between a total of four scholars from Ireland and the UK. Paula McGrath (UCD) and Sam Solnick (Liverpool) will conduct a one on one conversation about theatre, performance, and creative writing; Sarah Bezan (York) and Ailise Bulfin (UCD) will discuss species loss and climate change.

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