Here is a small selection of my journalism work for your perusal, mainly about books and publishing. In the past, I have held bylines at BookMachine and BookBrunch, and continue to write ad hoc alongside my day job.

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BookBrunch | The Kindle: 10 years of teaching us time travel

BookMachine | The June Publishing Wrap

Report from Hay Festival 2017 (including BookBrunch summary & Facebook posts)

BookMachine | The May Publishing Wrap

BookBrunch | Hay Festival celebrates 30th anniversary

BookMachine | BookMachine April Wrap: Publishing stories from around the web

BookMachine | BookMachine March Wrap: Publishing stories from around the web

BookMachine | A tax on the precariat: what the 2017 budget means for the self-employed in publishing

BookMachine | BookMachine February Wrap: Publishing stories from around the web

BookMachine | Publishers Assemble: Christmas 2016 is the time to connect

BookBrunch | Training and skill drain: affecting productivity in publishing

BookBrunch | SYP conference 2016: redefining successful books

BookBrunch | TLC symposium: ‘What’s your story’ in the digital age

BookBrunch | Words are no longer enough: inclusivity gets gritty – Report from the London Book Fair “Building Inclusivity in Publishing” conference

BookBrunch | Report from Sharjah International Book Fair 2016

BookMachine | Observing the audience: how reader analytics are influencing the industry

BookBrunch | Faber Academy – it’s not about the hit rate

BookMachine | Are yEUr rights protected?

Report from London Book Fair 2016

BookMachine | Hope and Confidence: An optimistic future for publishing

BookMachine | Not at Home for the Holidays: The writers behind bars for freedom of expression

BookMachine | It’s Not You, It’s Me: Is it time to divorce the returns system?

IPG | On being an Editorial Assistant

BookMachine | Is the Colouring-Book Craze a Finite Market?

BookMachine | Love Losing Control: 1000 True Fans and Marketing 2.0

BookMachine | 1000 Fake Reviews: What does publishing’s underbelly really say about us?

BookMachine | A 3-Step Beginner’s Guide to Building Skills in the Workplace

BookMachine | Build or Borrow: Making the most of digital distribution platforms

BookMachine | Short Story, Tall Order: On adapting short fiction for digital audiences

BookMachine | Balancing Act: Keeping publishing’s polarities in check

BookMachine | Collaboration Nation: On the art of thinking ‘bananas’

BookMachine | Malleable Models: The real effects of the digital revolution on business

BookMachine | Towing the Line: Banned books & YA fiction

Report from the London Short Story Festival 2015

The Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize 2015

The Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award 2015

BookMachine | Authorship Versus Content Representation: What’s the way forward for equality?

The One Big Book Launch with BookMachine and CompletelyNovel

BookMachine | Ahead of the Curve: What RPG publishers have to teach the mainstream

BookMachine | WYSIWYG: The growing importance of visual branding

BookMachine | Imaginative Space: The role of the faceless model on fiction book covers

Launch of Snapshots II from Bookmachine & the Kingston Publishing MA

BookMachine | Book Cover Design for Self-Published Authors

BookMachine | Coder Generation: Building digital skills doesn’t have to be scary

IPG Annual Spring Conference 2015 | Report for SYP Press Forward

BookMachine | Climbing out of the Buzzword Trap

BookMachine | Corporate Social Responsibility: Not just for hippies

IPG Annual Spring Conference 2015 | Snapshots from Day 2

IPG Annual Spring Conference 2015 | Thoughts from Day 1

BookMachine | The Content Graveyard: How much is too much?

BookMachine | AI Authors: Who owns the Rights to the future?

BookMachine | Is a royalty-only system the way forward for author payment?

Diversity in Publishing: Report from the SYP AGM 2015

BookMachine | Top 3 Tips for Staying Safe with eReaders

BookMachine | The future of Twitter in 2015: Panic Stations?

SYP Press Forward | Report from Futurebook Conference 2014

BookMachine | Faking it: When Book Reviews Go Bad (Ethical Author Code)

Social Media

Bookmachine | The Future of Twitter in 2015

Twitter bios as Personal Ads: speed dating for the social networker