Bookmachine | The Future of Twitter in 2015: Panic Stations?

BookMachine_logoAs some of you may know, I have started up a weekly column over on the Bookmachine blog.  Here’s the second installment: should we be panicking about Twitter in 2015?

Tweeps are panicking about the future of Twitter as, in recent months, its famous reverse-chronological timeline, has come under threat. Discussions are now underway on the possibility of introducing algorithmically curated timelines to sort the Tweet from the chaff – but is this really a good thing?

The changing face of Twitter

On the 7th November 2014, Twitter celebrated its first year as a trading business. It’s been a tumultuous year, as the site has consistently failed to meet predicted user sign-up figures, throwing shareholders into fits of anxiety and confidence by turns. Still hoping to become one of the tech giants, Twitter’s had to look at why people aren’t signing up. [READ MORE]

Bookmachine | Faking it: When book reviews goes bad

BookMachine_logoA moment of great excitement has fallen upon me: I have a regular column!  Every other Monday, I will be posting over on the Bookmachine blog about publishing, social media, and the future of media industries.  Pretty gnarly, huh?

Here’s an excerpt of my first article, to read more head over to the Bookmachine blog.

At the FutureBook Conference 2014, Orna Ross presented a Big Idea to publishing: the new Ethical Author code from the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi).  A week later, it was the theme of #FutureChat, where it became apparent that some of the biggest ethical quandaries for authors concern review practices.

What is the ethical author code?

Reviews are a crucial part of any publicity campaign, and sourced in ethical ways, they’re great tools to market your content with. A positive book review can help persuade someone your content is good enough to purchase. Multiple complimentary reviews in different places or from different sources assist in making a product memorable. Quotes from reviews make good content on social media and repeated mentions of your title can help make it a trending subject online.

Conversely, bad reviews can undo your other marketing and publicity efforts. But surely even a bad review is not an excuse for an author to stalk or commit acts of physical violence against the offending reviewer, right? Wrong.  [READ MORE]