Bookmachine | The Future of Twitter in 2015: Panic Stations?

BookMachine_logoAs some of you may know, I have started up a weekly column over on the Bookmachine blog.  Here’s the second installment: should we be panicking about Twitter in 2015?

Tweeps are panicking about the future of Twitter as, in recent months, its famous reverse-chronological timeline, has come under threat. Discussions are now underway on the possibility of introducing algorithmically curated timelines to sort the Tweet from the chaff – but is this really a good thing?

The changing face of Twitter

On the 7th November 2014, Twitter celebrated its first year as a trading business. It’s been a tumultuous year, as the site has consistently failed to meet predicted user sign-up figures, throwing shareholders into fits of anxiety and confidence by turns. Still hoping to become one of the tech giants, Twitter’s had to look at why people aren’t signing up. [READ MORE]