BookBrunch Interviews: Double-Whammy

A fortnight’s worth of BookBrunch interviews for you, one with the marvellous and truly friendly Vivian French from Picturehooks, the other with the busiest man in town, Unbound’s Scott Pack

Vivian French.png
“It’s really embarrassing because the answer is I don’t know how many books I’ve published! It’s more than 250 – in fact, it’s probably crawling up towards really rather ridiculous numbers – but I always excuse myself by saying I have been around a rather long time. My first books were published in 1990!”

Vivian French on the Picturehooks Conference and being a children’s author. Read the full article here.

Scott Pack.png
“Most people, if they’re really honest, will accept that the old publishing model is broken. But it’s so big and such a gargantuan thing that it will sort of carry on anyway.” 

Scott Pack discusses the state of the industry, the wonder of discovery books, HMV, Waterstones, the Friday Project, Unbound and more! Read the full article here.