BookMachine | The May Publishing Wrap

Roll up, roll up! It's time to hear about the biggest publishing news from around the web over the past month, with the BookMachine May Publishing Wrap! Big news from Amazon once again this month, as it hit an all-time high in the stock market and revenue from Q1 is up, prompting CEO Jeff Bezos [...]

Hay Festival celebrates its 30th birthday

Last week, ahead of this year's Hay Festival, an event was held in London with 5x15 to celebrate the festival's 30th anniversary with stories from over the years. Snippet of my report for BookBrunch below, more after the link, as always. Thank you so much to Hay for such a lovely evening - cannot wait for [...]

BookMachine | The March Wrap

It's the time of the month where I round up all the internet's top publishing stories and stick them in one place on the BookMachine blog for your perusal! Here's a sneak peek - don't forget to visit the BookMachine blog for more... The big news from March in UK publishing is obviously the London [...]

Back on BookMachine!

I'm really excited to be able to say I've been invited back to resurrect my byline at BookMachine with a monthly publishing wrap. The first month - February - went live today, and you can check it out right here. This month in publishing, booksellers have taken the spotlight, with Waterstones announcing their first year [...]

A fortnight of BookBrunch interviews

It's been a wildly busy fortnight my end, but in amongst it all I've managed to get out the BookBrunch weekly interview as normal, so here's a pair of publishing chats for you perusal... On boosting adult literacy with Jo Dawson from Quickreads "As heavy readers, publishers have trouble imagining what it's like not to be [...]

BookBrunch | The Weekly Interview with Ella Kahn and Bryony Woods of Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

This week for the BookBrunch interview, I got together with Ella Kahn and Bryony Woods of the Diamond, Kahn & Woods Literary Agency to discuss this year's Trailblazer Award success and the future of agenting. For the full article, head over to BookBrunch, or read the snippet below: As the deadline approaches for this year's Trailblazers [...]

Big BookBrunch interviews update!

It's been a super busy few weeks, but here's a big update on all the BookBrunch interviews I've been doing... Jeremy Trevathan, publisher at Pan Macmillan "At its heart, publishing will still just be about books, people reading and the emotional relationship between the reader, the page and the author." Anna Jane Hughes from The [...]

BookBrunch | A Duo of Discussions

Once again, I've been remiss on BookBrunch interview updates, so here are a couple for your perusal... "About a year ago, I noticed that some of the best writing in the world – and certainly in this country – is being published by small presses. If I felt I was fairly engaged and involved with the [...]