Big BookBrunch interviews update!

It's been a super busy few weeks, but here's a big update on all the BookBrunch interviews I've been doing... Jeremy Trevathan, publisher at Pan Macmillan "At its heart, publishing will still just be about books, people reading and the emotional relationship between the reader, the page and the author." Anna Jane Hughes from The

BookBrunch | A Duo of Discussions

Once again, I've been remiss on BookBrunch interview updates, so here are a couple for your perusal... "About a year ago, I noticed that some of the best writing in the world – and certainly in this country – is being published by small presses. If I felt I was fairly engaged and involved with the

Lobsters & Publishing: BookMachine launches Snapshots III

Last night saw the launch of Snapshots III, the third annual collaborative book produced by BookMachine and Kingston University Press. Once again, the Kingston Publishing MA students have got together to pick their favourite BookMachine articles and turn them into a blook – which this year included a few of mine! To celebrate, myself and fellow featured columnists Seonaid McLeod

Reporting from Hay Festival

I spent much of the last little while working at Hay Festival on the Welsh border, surrounded by books and authors, and making some wonderful new friends. Of course, because there were books involved, I did a little daily wrap for BookBrunch every day: Day 1 The Bank Holiday weekend Day 6 Day 7 Day

Snapshots III is landing!

Some of you might remember that last year around this time, some of my BookMachine articles were featured in the Snapshots II, a collaborative book produced by BookMachine and Kingston University Press. Well this year, for the third year in a row, the Kingston Publishing MA students have got together to pick their favourite BookMachine articles and turn them

BookBrunch | ‘One country at a time, one book at a time’: An interview with Bibi Bakare-Yusuf from Cassava Republic Press

This week for the BookBrunch interview, I chatted with Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, one of the founders of Cassava Republic Press, a leading African trade publisher who has just expanded to the UK. Read the full article over on BookBrunch. Bibi Bakare-Yusuf is one of those infectiously inspirational women who leave you feeling very hopeful about the

BookBrunch Interviews: Double-Whammy

A fortnight's worth of BookBrunch interviews for you, one with the marvellous and truly friendly Vivian French from Picturehooks, the other with the busiest man in town, Unbound's Scott Pack... "It’s really embarrassing because the answer is I don’t know how many books I've published! It’s more than 250 – in fact, it’s probably crawling

Report from London Book Fair 2016

This week has been one of my favourite times of year: London Book Fair! I actually think it's genuinely possible that I get as excited about LBF as I do about Christmas. The LBF video team cornered me at the Quantum Conference about my experience of the Fair, which you can see here, and is probably

Open Pen Anthology: Launch and readings

Much excitement today, as I'm preparing my readings for tonight's Open Pen Anthology launch at Clapham Books in south London. Come on down and lend your support to a fabulous publication! Wednesday 6th April 2016 7pm - Clapham Books Open Pen Anthology Launch Readers include: James Vella; Mat Woolfenden; Liam Hogan; Ben Byrne; Darren Lee; Peter Higgins and myself. Look forward

March’s BookBrunch interviews!

It's been a few weeks since I've given you an update on the BookBrunch interviews I've been writing, so here's a little list of March's chats - and keep your eyes peeled, I've got a real winner coming up this week! BookBrunch interviews Claire Malcolm from New Writing North The role of authors in the industry has,

Special offer: Open Pen Anthology

Super-exciting news! The Open Pen Anthology, which will feature a piece of my microfiction, 'Desk Drawer' is now available for pre-order! Even better, order your copy before 10th March and receive it postage free. For those of you who are really enthusiastic, you can also order the beautiful boxed set with fancy extras. Click here for