Bookmachine | Coder Generation: Building digital skills doesn’t have to be scary

BookMachine_logoI am very pleased to announce with this fortnight’s article, that my BookMachine posts, and BookMachine itself, are now sponsored by none other than Getty Images!  This is a really exciting development and I couldn’t be prouder to be working with such a creative and forward-thinking company.

As for the article, this week its all about coding and how to futureproof your skill set. You can read the whole post right here on the BookMachine blog, but here’s a little taster to get you started:

The digital revolution might seem like a challenge to us now, but there’s a whole new generation of digital natives that will be coming into the jobs market over the next decade, for whom coding, apps and mobile technology are as natural as breathing.

The skills of the future

From the moment today’s children are born, they are surrounded by digital gadgets, learning how to use them as instinctively as they learn to walk. The internet, and all that goes with that for better or worse, is fully integrated into their day-to-day experience. When they get to school, it’s no longer just about ‘abc’s and ‘123’s, but also about coding.

By the time they reach the working world, they’re going to have an innate basic understanding of coding logic and its applications.

Skills expectations

In the workplace, we constantly make and rely on assumptions about the base-line skills our co-workers have, and they do the same to us in return. It’s a crucial, unspoken part of working with trust in a team. In Publishing, these skills might include good grammar, a basic understanding of the book production process or a grasp on the current market environment.  [READ MORE]